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Top Brands to Consign

Top Brands to Consign

Currently (Feb. 2020), our most coveted brands are Rolex, Chanel, Hermès and Gucci.

In terms of pieces, for Rolex it is generally either vintage pieces that you can no longer find or extremely difficult to get contemporary pieces with a several-year waiting list. To celebrate the launch of our website in June 2019, we had a Rolex 'Pepsi' GMT-Master II which we priced at retail price! Usually, it is a piece that has a 2-year waiting list or a 50 to 100% premium if you want it immediately.

For Chanel, almost all products are coveted and most of them sell near retail price.

For Hermès, Kellys and Birkins are the big winners and usually sold at a premium if they are really sought after and still in very good condition. In some parts of the world, clients look for smaller sized and understated colors of Kellys or Birkins while in others, clients look for bigger sizes with more flashy colors.

For Gucci, products that are instantly recognizable are the most coveted and clients mainly buy this brand because they can find timeless pieces at optimized prices.

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“Fashion is made to become unfashionable."
Coco Chanel

Our Current Top Picks

  • SHOP NOW Product 1 - Hermès - Lizard 'Collier de Chien' Bracelet
  • SHOP NOW Product 2 - Chanel - Navy Jersey Shoulder Bag
  • SHOP NOW Product 3 - Gucci - Large 'Horsebit' Fur Hobo
  • SHOP NOW Product 4 - Louis Vuitton - LV x Jeff Koons Da Vinci Crossbody Bag
  • SHOP NOW Product 5 - Valentino - Leopard 'Rockstud' Flat Ballerinas

Luxury Ecosystem

"I feel that some people will usually brag about the great deal they got from buying on the pre-owned market while for others it is still a topic they wish to keep to themselves. Nonetheless, this depends as to whether or not the purchased luxury items are vintage, rare or difficult to get. Because in the latter cases, acquiring a vintage timepiece like a Rolex Pepsi from 1969 or a rare item like a Hermès Kelly Picnic bag will not only justify the purchase via the second-hand channel but will also naturally be impacted by a price premium, i.e. clients pay a higher price to get a no longer available vintage piece or a luxury item that they wish to acquire here and now instead of waiting for it on Brands’ waitlists. In such cases, talking about purchasing on the pre-owned market is actually something to share with and unveil to the rest of the world."

Chadi Nouri

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About our Founder, Chadi

"My multicultural upbringing and my career path honed my skills and passion ; I‘ve always worked in the luxury industry, with teams of designers and product managers who wowed clients at every move. I believe luxury is about emotion. It is about what you value – whether it is quality, service or flexibility - not the money you spend. I have that at heart; it is as simple as that; and I want this vision and experience to be in the DNA of a modern e-commerce platform like Chadi - Feel Good Luxury."

Chadi Nouri

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