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Return Policy

Return Policy

After purchase and delivery. After purchase and delivery, items are not exchangeable or refundable; they correspond to a detailed description on the e-commerce platform

Should an item not be suitable. Should an item not be suitable (e.g. not the right size for you, not the right color for you, etc.), it is possible to sell it back on the platform 7 days of receipt of the goods, at the price of purchase (i.e. net selling price) or a reviewed price (i.e. we may agree together to sell the item at a higher or lower price vs. the net selling price. However, we reserve the right to decide at which price we will re-list the item). We will charge zero commission, only transportation and administration costs. Returned items will be accepted under the condition they still hold the Chadi – Feel Good Luxury’s tag.

Re-listing of a purchased item. Make sure you contact us at to request a re-listing of the purchased item.

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