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(Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong, June 22nd 2021)

“An average of 110,000 tonnes of disposed garments are collected in Hong Kong each year, which equals to a rate of 1,400 T-shirts per minute.” Do your part to reduce textile waste with these circular fashion brands (that ship to Hong Kong!).

Hot on Hong Kong’s sustainable fashion since since 2019, ChadiLuxury offers up a huge range of pre-loved luxury clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. Specialising in vintage and rare good, the company has branched out into Geneva, Switzerland, continuing to provide Swiss expertise “to not only certify the quality and authenticity of each product, but also to assess the fairest prices for all our clients, whether they buy or sell.”



(MOJEH Magazine, March 2021 Edition)

That's something Chadi Nouri, founder of Chadi Luxury, has also witnessed since she launched her luxury platform. “Our most coveted brands are Rolex, Chanel, Hermès and Gucci,” she reveals. “For Rolex, it is generally either vintage pieces or extremely difficult to get contemporary pieces with a several-years waiting list. For example, to celebrate the launch of our website in June 2019, we had a Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’, which we priced at retail. Usually, it is a piece that has at least a two-year waiting list or a 50 to 100 percent premium if you want it immediately on the resale market. For Chanel, almost all products are coveted and most of them sell near retail price. For Hermès, Kellys and Birkins are the big winners and usually sell at a premium if they are really sought after and still in very good condition.”



(COTE Magazine, Dec.-Jan. 2021 Edition)

With its headquarters in Hong Kong,, the global e-commerce platform dedicated to pre-owned luxury goods opens a branch in Geneva, Switzerland. This second hub offers even more freedom, flexibility and #feelgoodluxury to clients wanting to purchase or sell second-hand luxury items.

Timeless luxury, conveying emotions, can thus be enjoyed by all. “The luxury market is evolving and becoming more socially responsible echoing global trends towards sustainability. We strongly believe that balancing sustainability and newness are key in today’s world.” Chadi Nouri, the Founder of, states.



Chadi in

Chadi Nouri discusses the Future of Swiss Watchmaking for Designers, Brands and Retailers

Entering the luxury industry in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, Chadi Nouri has paid her dues through the ranks at Cartier and Audemars Piguet and today she is an entrepreneur and consultant for the industry at yet another time of great economic uncertainty.

Entering the industry post-Global Financial Crisis in 2009, she has paid her dues in marketing with Avakian, a niche high jewellery brand and today she runs Chadi Luxury, a global e-commerce platform dedicated to vintage luxury goods, and rare objets d’art. Chadi also consults with various brands and suppliers across the luxury segment (not just fine watchmaking) where she advises the entire spectrum of soft and hard luxury, from fashion brands to jewellery brands, from very small businesses to big businesses. An insider with an outsider’s perspective, LUXUO caught up with Ms. Nouri to talk post pandemic luxury design and the threats to retail that now plagues every brand regardless of the size of its pre-covid balance sheet.


Chadi Luxury in Socialize Magazine donne une seconde vie aux articles de luxe

Luxe et seconde-main n’auront jamais été autant compatibles. Cette tendance se ressent chez les consommateurs, notamment auprès des Millenials qui se tournent vers une consommation plus raisonnée et durable même pour leurs achats de luxe.

Après un parcours confirmé dans le domaine du luxe, Chadi Nouri fonde sa propre entreprise,, active dans le e-commerce d’articles de luxe de seconde-main. Elle nous livre les dessous de son histoire et de cette tendance de consommation en pleine expansion.


Chadi Luxury in CitizenK Arabia

"Feel good luxury"

A new e-commerce platform dedicated to pre-owned luxury goods makes fashion sustainable and accessible. It is also a place to find rare treasures. By MEGHA MERANI – a global e-commerce platform dedicated to pre-owned luxury goods, vintage goods or rare goods. “The luxury market as a whole is slowly evolving towards being more so- cially responsible due to global trends turn- ing more and more towards sustainability,” Nouri tells CitizenK. “My career spent in the luxury industry has sharpened my passion for beautiful craftsmanship, luxury brands, high-end watches and jewellery. At the same time, I strongly believe that balancing sustain- ability and newness are key in today’s world.” Nouri says her designer resale ecosystem, launched in June this year, focuses on what she calls “feel good luxury”: waste-reducing as clients buy or sell goods that are meant to last in time and style, a personalized, luxury client experience where second-hand clients are treated and pampered like first-hand clients, and a low commission structure for consignees.


Chadi Luxury in Hong Kong Tatler

At, Chadi Nouri caters to seekers and sellers of rare, vintage, and hard-to-find designer pieces.

In a bijou space set high in a modernist office complex overlooking Wong Chuk Hang, an up-and-coming recently-post-industrial cityscape on the south side of Hong Kong Island, Chadi Nouri, a former product director at Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Audemars Piguet, has set up virtual shop. Nouri's consignment resale business,, soft-launched earlier this month and features a broad range of covetable, pre-owned apparel, shoes, bags, and accessories—think: rare Rolexes, Birkins in near-pristine condition, and more Louboutins than you can count—all Swiss-authenticated and competitively priced.


Chadi Luxury in WorldTempus

Welcome to Chadi Luxury

After working for Audemars Piguet and Cartier, Chadi Nouri has now set up an e-commerce site for certified second-hand luxury items.

Chadi Nouri is well-known in the watch and jewellery industry, having worked in the milieu for nearly ten years, including eight as product director for Cartier and Audemars Piguet. She has now embraced her entrepreneurial side, by setting up her own company, ChadiLuxury. This Hong Kong-based e-commerce platform specialises in certified second-hand luxury items, including vintage watches, bags and other luxury accessories and rare finds, for men and women. Chadi Nouri’s experience in the luxury industry helps her both in verifying the workmanship of the items on offer, as well as identifying consumer trends. All the items sold are authenticated by a team led by Swiss experts, who grade their condition as good, very good, excellent or perfect. The items are then priced at a level in line with the market. According to the philosophy of ChadiLuxury, design, craftsmanship and materials matter as much as the emotion the piece evokes, and the desirability of the brand.


"Why brands should embrace the second-hand luxury market" by Michael Arnold (Oct. 16th, 2019)

New research shows that global sales in the second-hand luxury market are expected to grow at an average rate of 12 per cent year-on-year, compared to a 3 per cent average for the core luxury market.

The figures were released in a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Vestiaire Collective survey, entitled “Why Luxury Brands Should Celebrate the Pre-Owned Boom”, revealing three key drivers behind the rapid growth and detailing how luxury brands can benefit from the explosion of the resale market.

According to the survey, the resale industry is forecast to increase turnover from US$25 billion in 2018 to $36 billion in 2021, representing around 9 per cent of the luxury market.

Millenials and Gen Z are disrupting the market and placing greater importance on the social and environmental impact of their purchases than previous generations.

The BCG-Altagamma study revealed that the purchasing behaviour of 59 per cent of luxury customers in both the primary and secondary markets is influenced by sustainability, while 17 per cent of customers in the second-hand market purchase pre-owned because they consider it “truly sustainable behaviour.” The survey of Vestiaire Collective customers reveals similar data, with more than 70 per cent trying to shop ethically and 13 per cent saying that sustainability is extremely important to them. Of those that shop ethically, 57 per cent say that environmental impact is their primary concern.


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