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Interview with our Founder

Interview with our Founder

Interview with's Founder, Chadi Nouri

Which is your favourite era in terms of style?

My all-time favorite fashion period was the 1980s. Fashion and styles were over the top with big and bright colors, big hair, sequins everywhere, padded shoulders, exaggerated accessories, high rise pants and leggings, leg warmers and bodysuits. Most of these looks are actually back in style now, except for the big hair. I believe that it is the generation that started the ‘logo’ era where wearing designer brands meant that you succeeded in life. Today, the difference vs. the 80s is that clients buy luxury items at a much higher pace which feeds the fast fashion and mass production world we are currently living in.

Who is your favourite fashion icon in history?

Michael Jackson. He was not only the most incredible musician, performer and artist of all times, he was also very much a fashion trend setter. Every piece of clothing he wore was meticulously picked and was inimitable. Thanks to him, military gear, motocross leather and shoulder pad jackets, sparkly gloves and cowboy boots are now icons in the fashion industry. He was a legend and I miss his aura dearly.

Second-hand goods makes us think of a nostalgic past, is it easy, in your opinion, to start or promote a retro trend?

Second-hand luxury items can either be totally new and modern or can be vintage/retro. In most second-hand shops or platforms, you will find both options. Usually, vintage items are considered to have been produced before the 2000s. Also, the luxury market as a whole is slowly evolving towards being more socially responsible due to global trends turning towards sustainability. As such, big fashion houses are now realizing more than ever that they can no longer ignore this trend. I therefore believe that now would be the perfect time to start or promote retro trends. That being said, like any start up, “easy” would not be my choice of word because if launching your own business was easy, everyone would do it. One needs a vision fuelled with ambition, perseverance, dedication and patience.

What is the main reason for your customers to visit your shop?

Before launching, I was myself a client of the second-hand luxury world but I was missing what I call the “Feel Good Luxury” factor. I therefore thought that I would launch an online pre-owned luxury platform where clients would feel good for three main reasons. First, they embark on a waste-reducing luxury ecosystem as they buy or sell goods that are meant to last in time and timeless luxury benefits everyone. Second and this is a point I would like to emphasize, our clients receive a personalised, one-to-one, luxury client experience where they are treated and pampered like first-hand clients. Finally, they benefit from one of the lowest commission structures on the market today for consignees along with fair and optimized prices for each available article. Overall, we believe that our offer is compelling and that an increasing amount of clients will join us.

Which product type or style is the most popular amongst your customers?

Our most coveted brands are Rolex, Chanel, Hermès and Gucci. For Rolex, it is generally either vintage pieces or extremely difficult to get contemporary pieces with a several-year waiting list. For example, to celebrate the launch of our website, we had a Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’ which we priced at retail! Usually, it is a piece that has at least a 2-year waiting list or a 50 to 100% premium if you want it immediately on the resale market. For Chanel, almost all products are coveted and most of them sell near retail price. For Hermès, Kellys and Birkins are the big winners and usually sold at a premium if they are really sought after and still in very good condition. In some parts of the world, clients look for smaller sized and understated colors of Kellys or Birkins while in others, clients look for bigger sizes with more flashy colors. For Gucci, products that are instantly recognizable are the most coveted and clients mainly buy this brand because they can find timeless pieces at optimized prices.

Which is the most expensive item that you have sold? Did you find that surprising?

It was an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph. I did not find it too surprising as Audemars Piguet is one of the most coveted and successful watch brands there is nowadays. I was actually the Brand’s International Product Director before launching my pre-owned luxury platform!

Why do you love vintage?

The stories of an object, the traces of time, increase its value. Think of a vintage watch, a patinated brief case… In Japan, the Wabi-Sabi philosophy treasures patina for example. Technology is an amazing tool to facilitate the trade of luxury goods on a global scale. A Hermès rare handbag can now travel from a dressing room in Hong Kong to a fashionista’s arm in Roma. To me, that is a special handbag which embodies a sense of mystery that is both poetic and captivating. This is why I love vintage pieces.

What was the reason for you to start this business? Was there any particular designer / brand / item that inspired you to open a vintage store?

Because we are in the 21st-century and because we live in a fast-paced world, whenever you have something, you want something else. Once you move onto the next, what happens to the old item? I was living in Switzerland, surrounded by fabulous things, and thinking: What do I do with this sense that I cannot waste anymore? The answer came in the form of the launch of, a modern online luxury ecosystem where second-hand luxury goods not only continue to bring emotion but also make clients feel like they are buying from a premium luxury brand boutique with all the pampering that usually comes with it.

If a young person wants to start a vintage shop, what would you say to them?

I would first advise them to do their due diligence and research. Then, set a specific mission statement (why, how, what, when) and finally build a clear implementation strategy. In addition, I would recommend to be perseverant and patient, to make sure to have sufficient sourcing of pre-owned and vintage items and to always stay tuned with the current market prices of each item in stock.

Could you include a photo of your favourite item in the store and tell me the story behind it? Why is it your favourite?

My favorite item is a vintage Hermès Box Kelly Sellier 35 from 1998. It has now been sold and was consigned to me by my family doctor. She had received this handbag to celebrate her 50th birthday and after holding it for about 20 years, she decided it was time to give it a new life and to sell it to a new owner. The hype for vintage items, in my opinion, is fuelled by the excitement of the chase and the beauty of the process. It is not too difficult to find current pieces but shopping for vintage articles is like going on a treasure hunt. Vintage pieces are truly the embodiment of a bygone era.

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