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First & Second Hand Luxury Sourcing

First & Second Hand Luxury Sourcing

On top of letting you choose from a wide range of pre-loved luxury goods on, we also source first and/or second hand luxury items for you.

Whether you are looking for current exclusive designer handbags, shoes, clothing, small leather goods, accessories, jewelry or watches, or whether you are simply looking for a piece from past collections (either vintage or recent) no longer available on the first hand market, we will spare no efforts to find what you need thanks to our extended global reach and network. Articles can either be brand new or pre-loved, let us know what you are looking for!

We promise you the Feel Good Luxuryfeeling! A trustworthy luxury ecosystem where buyers and sellers are pampered and treated like they would in a luxury boutique.

How does it work?

  1. WhatsApp or email us and tell us what you need
  2. We activate our global network with clients, brands or suppliers in order to source and secure your wished item(s)
  3. Pay safely for your order via We process payments by credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX) as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay
  4. We ship your desired item(s) directly to your doorstep

There is no expiration date in love, in luxury neither #feelgoodluxury
Charline Elmaleh, Head of Operations

Our commission

  • When we find the product you wish for, our commission will depend on the said product
  • Commissions for this specific service are not fixed and are to be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis depending on the sought after article
  • We offer a sliding scale commission scheme

#feelgoodluxury: Sustainability is beautiful

When you use our e-commerce platform,, you buy or sell goods that are meant to last in time and style. By doing so, you step away from fast fashion and mass production and step into the exceptional and the long-lasting. You have the pleasure of timeless luxury at optimized prices and move towards a fashionable yet responsible citizenship of the world. Timeless luxury benefits everyone.

The ‘Feel Good Luxury’ concept is a luxury ecosystem where buyers and sellers are pampered and treated like they would in a luxury boutique.

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