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Current Perceptions

Current Perceptions

"The luxury market as a whole is slowly evolving towards being more socially responsible due to global trends turning more and more towards sustainability. That being said, current mindsets and cultural perceptions around pre-owned luxury still vary around the world.

Some consumers are more inclined to selling and buying pre-loved luxury goods. Those usually sell and buy on the second-hand market, they are one and the same client.

While other consumers not yet have a very comfortable perception of the pre-owned luxury world. In fact, their desire for luxury items is still conflicted between sustainability and wanting to wear the latest unique pieces, styles and designs bought directly from brands. Amongst those consumers, sellers and buyers of luxury items are usually not the same clients. First-hand buyers will likely sell their items on the pre-owned market in order to ‘clean their closets/watch collections’ and leave space for something new. While buyers of second-hand goods will purchase their luxury goods through platforms like in order to get access to brands and goods they would otherwise not be able to afford. The mindset amongst this part of the population is changing though, as Millennials are ever more demanding not only quality but a luxury ecosystem where the circular economy also comprises luxury goods."

Chadi Nouri

Chadiluxury's Client Demographic

Globally, the average age of' s clients is 35 years old. The biggest trend to note is that our consignors and buyers are mostly women. Today, women have more purchasing power than ever before and are thus able to buy for themselves. In addition to wanting to make themselves happy through the emotions they feel wearing a luxury product, women also embrace the trading process. As such they are able to buy luxury items more often and also enjoy the selling and buying thrill.

That being said, we identify a growing men segment which will provide additional opportunities for the second-hand luxury industry in the near future. For the watch industry for example, the pre-owned segment is the biggest growth area where mostly men are trading.
We believe that 2020 is probably the year pre-owned watches will go mainstream.

“My career spent in the luxury industry has sharpened my passion for beautiful craftsmanship, luxury brands, high-end watches and jewellery. At the same time, I strongly believe that balancing sustainability and newness are key in today's world."
Chadi Nouri

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