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Chadiluxury opens a Geneva Branch

Chadiluxury opens a Geneva Branch, the global e-commerce platform dedicated to pre-owned luxury goods, opens a branch in Geneva, Switzerland. This second hub - the headquarter being located in Hong Kong - offers even more freedom, flexibility and #feelgoodluxury to clients wanting to purchase or sell beautiful second-hand luxury items; and expands the company’s vision for a circular economy where preloved luxury goods continue to bring emotion. Timeless luxury benefits everyone.

From October 2020, consignment of second-hand luxury items, vintage goods and rare goods will also be possible in Geneva, Switzerland, through the new hub.

Thanks to a prime location in the heart of Florissant area, central to Geneva, the hub enables owners of pre-owned luxury goods located in Switzerland to consign their belongings more conveniently than ever. Postal costs will be covered by ChadiLuxury for consignors living in Switzerland. For international shipments, ChadiLuxury will advise its consignors the most favorable option, whether it is to ship their articles to Hong Kong or Geneva.


How does it work?

Once received, a team led by Swiss experts authenticates, certifies, and sets the fairest price for each item based on its evaluation, together with a determination of the current market price. Professional photos are edited and published along with product details on the website. Luxury goods, ranging from designers’ handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories to exclusive high-end jewelry and watches, for both women and men, are then shipped globally.

With its headquarters in Hong Kong, has established itself amongst the companies with the most competitive commissions in the second-hand luxury world: commissions range from 25% (for amounts below USD 5,000) and decrease progressively to 10% (for amounts above USD 20,000).

The new Geneva based hub opens opportunities for its Swiss and European clients to shop beautiful items, cherish them at will and put them back on the market (sometimes even at an increased value for exceptional goods). Even better, freedom and flexibility come yet with another benefit: the “feel good” factor brought by a sustainable approach.

#feelgoodluxury: sustainable shopping has never been so glamorous

#feelgoodluxury: Sustainability is beautiful

Luxury is about Feeling Good. It is about value, not price.’ s e-commerce platform aims not only at offering customers the fairest price for renowned luxury designers - whether they buy or sell - it promotes a circular economy or a luxury ecosystem where exceptional design and timeless craftsmanship prevail, away from fast fashion and mass production. #feelgoodluxury: sustainable shopping has never been so glamorous.

There is no expiration date in love, in luxury neither #feelgoodluxury
Charline Elmaleh

Charline Elmaleh / General Manager Switzerland

Working hand in hand with Chadi Nouri, founder of, Charline Elmaleh has joined the team of the international e-commerce platform. She takes the lead of the Swiss based division to manage its operations.

Born in Paris and raised in Switzerland, she has worked in the fashion and luxury industries within the Middle East and Asia before coming back to her roots in Geneva. Charline has an extensive experience in e-commerce, business development and visual communication. The multifaceted, 32-year-old General Manager is an audacious go-getter known for her artistic, aesthetic sensitivity and adventurous personality. In addition to her dedication to ChadiLuxury’s development, she has invested - in parallel - her creativity into a fashion project, soon to be unveiled.

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